John & Kaitlin

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December 2, 2023

Doe Lake Campground, Umatilla

The First Look

It all began on the first day of class January 2012...

As she walked toward him down the hall, they locked eyes and shared a smile. He took out his headphones and struck up a conversation. They walked into the class together and he chose the seat next to her. Neither of them paid much attention in class that day... He walked her to her car but instead of leaving campus, she stayed and talked to him for hours in the parking garage...

On the Road

We put a lot of miles on our cars...

Not long after we met, John moved back to Orlando. We spent four and a half years of alternating weekends making the 4-hour journey between Tallahassee and Orlando to be with each other. It wasn't always easy... but we made it work... and it was worth it.

Sharing a Life Together

When you've spent over a decade together, you learn a lot about life and love...

By the time we officially tie the knot, we will be just one month shy of 12 years together... and we can both honestly say... that time has flown by. We have had so many great experiences together - amazing memories of travelling, going to music festivals, and exploring the great outdoors. We cherish each and every one of those memories and experiences together and look forward to many, many more... But spending each and every day with the person you love has also taught us that some of our most cherished experiences come in the simplest of moments... relaxing on the couch together to watch Jeopardy, sharing a laugh over a silly joke, going for a walk together... While the big moments and memories bring us together, it's those small moments of domestic life that build a strong and secure foundation of love, appreciation, and respect. There are still so many journeys, experiences, and memories to be made ahead of us. And we are so incredibly excited to share those with each other. But every new journey is something that is bittersweet. While having over a decade together teaches you a lot about love, it also shows you that life is fleeting and moves more quickly than you want. It teaches you that you have to appreciate each and every moment that you're in and embrace the current journey that you're on. We consider ourselves blessed to have found someone to share this incredibly beautiful and fleeting journey of life with. If I could live this life again I wouldn't change a thing We're the lucky ones to find This love, this place, this time And so here we are Fading fast in a hard serenade So take in this life 'Cause we won't get This moment twice Holding onto memories in my head Every song and every tear and every breath 'Cause I'm taking in, taking in this life 'Cause I know that I won't get this moment twice Take it in, just take it in Take it all in

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