Latazia & Alonzo

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Miranda "Best Friend" Bowens

Maid of Honor

Miranda "Best Friend" (as Latazia calls her) Bowens of Charlotte, NC is Latazia's best friend of over 12 long years. Miranda and Latazia have been inseparable since high school, yet you can't find a recent photo of them together in either of their photo apps! These ladies can always be found laughing, dancing, and listening to music when they aren't looking for a questionable adventure. You will find this leggy beauty on the dance floor showing you how it's done!

Shacria "Kira" Ellison

Matron of Honor

Shacria "Kira" Ellison of Raleigh, NC is Latazia's sister. Growing up, they enjoyed riding in their parents' conversion van and watching 90's VHS tapes during family trips. The sisters still found ways to bicker although there was more than enough space in the van for just the two of them! During the wedding you can expect Kira to be the one to keep things running smoothly while chasing her toddlers around!

Maranda "Randa" Hugue


Maranda "Randa" Hugue of Ridgeland, SC is Latazia's younger cousin. Growing up, she was more like a little sister who was consistently on Latazia's heels. Often dressed in matching outfits, you could find these two fighting over their Grandaddy's attention and Barbie Dolls. During the wedding, you can find Maranda capturing every photo and video humanly possible!

Alasia "Lay Lay" Burgess

Flower Girl

Alasia "Lay Lay" Burgess of Columbia, SC is the daughter of Latazia and Alonzo. She completes her Mama and Daddy's world! With this busy tot around there will be no shortage of entertainment and laughs as there is never a dull moment. She says that she *might* throw out some flower petals or just run down the aisle, stay tuned.

Renee Hugue

Mother of the Bride

Renee Hugue of Pooler, GA is Latazia’s mother. These two love to catch up with one another, laugh, shop and travel. Latazia credits her mom for the goal-driven and thoughtful woman she has become. Renee has invested a countless amount of years, funds, prayers, patience and energy raising Latazia and is excitedly prepared to see her wed. During the wedding, you can find her crying or cutting cake!

Lucille Burgess

Mother of the Groom

Lucille Burgess of Johnsonville, SC is Alonzo’s mother. You can find Lucille and Alonzo enjoying a chat in the living room or sharing laughs while cooking out on the grill. Alonzo credits his mom for the concerned and kind-hearted man he has become. Lucille is the matriarch that holds her family together and always ensures that everyone has a hot delicious meal when they come to visit. She is elated to witness her son tie the knot. During the wedding, you can find her teary-eyed or lending a helping hand wherever it is needed!

Iyona "Yona" Robinson

Wedding Coordinator

Iyona "Yona" Robinson of Columbia, SC is Latazia's friend. These two can be found looking for the best eats in the city, strolling around Target, or deep in conversation about the latest trending topic on TikTok. During the wedding, you can find Iyona calling the shots and providing a seamless and enjoyable event!

Lorenzo "Ze" Burgess

Best Man

Lorenzo "Ze" Burgess of Myrtle Beach, SC is Alonzo's oldest nephew. Ze and Alonzo bond over their mutual love of video games. Their phone conversations usually consist of chat about Fortnite and Minecraft. This compassionate and caring gentleman is sure to be the Best Man around!

Jonathan "Bema" Burgess


Jonathan "Bema" Burgess of Myrtle Beach, SC is Alonzo's younger brother. As children, these two were hip to hip and loved to spend time in the yard playing basketball or battling each other in video games. Jonathan and Alonzo can be found discussing their passion for cars and cracking endless jokes on one another. You will find that Jonathan is hilarious and is sure to be the life of the party!

Lorenzo "Renzo" Burgess


Lorenzo "Renzo" Burgess of Myrtle Beach, SC is Alonzo's oldest brother. Lorenzo and Alonzo bond over shooting at the gun range, gaming and fishing. Growing up, when Lorenzo would come home from playing college basketball, you could find the brothers deep into playing video games. You'll know him when you see him because he'll be the tallest in the room!