Latazia & Alonzo


The Burgess Wedding





October 29, 2023

Blythewood, SC

Latazia and Alonzo's Love Story

Latazia and Alonzo met in the fall of 2015. Alonzo was navigating the working world and Latazia was a third-year college student in the School of Education. Falling in love did not take much time for the lovebirds. Soon, they were inseparable and were spending all of their free time together. Trips to the beach, movies, walking around campus and trying tasty foods were among their favorite hobbies. Alonzo wasted no time taking Latazia home to meet his family in Johnsonville, South Carolina. Latazia remembers sitting across from Alonzo's grandmother in the living room of her home for the very first time. Grandma Lena, as she became affectionately known, shared how she could not wait until the two tie the knot so that she could "jump out of the cake" and say "congratulations!" Latazia laughs about how this conversation took place when they had only been a couple for a matter of weeks, but Grandma Lena was surely on to something, may God rest her soul. In 2020, the couple welcomed a sweet baby girl, Alasia to their family. Balancing work, time for one another, and parenting offered its challenges, but proved that when times get tough, they lean on each other for support. This pair is elated to become one in marriage and continue their happily ever after.

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