Tatiana & Emmy

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Emmy Smith


Tatiana Cambio

October 11, 2025

Asheville, NC
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How We Met

Friends to Roommates to Girlfriends to Fiancées

There I (Tat) was, sitting on the couch in my friend's living room, and in walks this tall, curly haired girl in platform Teva's, a long floral skirt, and a crop top with a backpack slung around her shoulder just getting home from work on an afternoon in May 2019. After talking for about an hour, and having the chance to hear the array of accents and voices Emmy can do, I was blown away by how similar we were. I genuinely thought to myself: "Is this what it's like to talk to me?" Fast forward time as friends, 6 months of living together as roommates (during quarantine I might add), the beginning of a romantic relationship, the start of dental school, one break up, and some time later we land on February 13, 2021. The day we "platonically" celebrated Valentine's Day where we gifted each other the most thoughtful gifts I'd ever received. The next day, we decided to give our relationship another chance unaware of what day it was. June 2023 rolls around and the love that's in the air during the beginning of summer had me thinking of marriage. I bought a ring, booked an Airbnb, and told everyone we knew about the plan. Many months of secret keeping later, the day was finally here. On November 3, 2023 I asked Emmy to marry me surrounded by friends and family in the Highlands of North Carolina. And it couldn't have been more wonderful.

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