Tamara & Frank

This Must Be The Place


Tamara Ogle


Frank Quagliotti



August 13

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How We Met

First comes Kappa and Sigma, then comes marriage.

I met Tamara in a blacklight-filled bar room of a dark dusty old fraternity house in Newark, affectionately named Kappa Xi Kappa. As fate would have it we would meet there again, each time having a better conversation than the last. It was on the roof of said house, under the starlight one evening, that we began to fall in love. That was cut short when I graduated, got a real job, and we lost touch (a point Tamara will bring up very often). She would cross my mind from time to time, so when my fraternity's alumni dinner came up that following spring, I pressed send on the Facebook message that would change my life forever. What I didn't know then was that the friendly bond we created that fateful night on Kappa's roof would pull us back together and intertwine our lives.