Lauren & Michał





September 2, 2023

Chicago, IL
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How We Met

Pandemic Love Story

Lauren & Michal met online! One of Michal's photos was of him and a maluch car which automatically made Lauren think he was Polish. They both "liked" each other on the app. Michal was very surprised Lauren was 100% Polish given her name. They started talking and soon began texting in March of 2020. Michal asked Lauren to get coffee St. Patrick's day weekend, but Lauren was afraid to go as she was working on a Covid unit. This was very early into the pandemic and she did not want to risk exposing Michal. Instead of going on the date, she went into work for an extra shift. Her co-workers urged her to facetime him, but Lauren was afraid to. Instead, they continued texting daily for 3 months and the official first date was June 6, 2020. The date lasted the entire day. Surprisingly, Lauren trusted Michal to let him pick her up from her house even though they had never met. This was because multiple of Lauren's sisters friends knew Michal and went to Polish school with him. They had only good things to say about Michal. L&M continued dating and went to a family dinner where Lauren went to the bathroom & her brother in law, who has no filter, asked Michal if they are boyfriend & girlfriend. Michal said yes and that day (July 24, 2020) they became an official couple. Time spent together and multiple trips to Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin and Poland made them realize they were meant for one another. Michal proposed on April 24, 2022 at Olive Park in downtown Chicago, where they had spent a lot of time as Michal was living in the city. Lauren of course said yes, and the rest is history. They are both excited to keep the Polish traditions alive, as will be seen through their wedding festivities. Don't panic because Lauren will be a Szczepanek :)