Sofia & Joseph


Sofia Mohammed


Joseph Sambou




October 7


Our Love Journey

From NYC to 'The Sippi'

We met in New York City during the pandemic and both of us were a bit skeptical about breaking our quarantine. Our first date was in Central Park, because it the safest place to be at the time. We walked for hours, covering all the trails and every topic that came to mind. Following our first date, walking became our thing. We walked up to 10 miles at a time, alongside the Hudson River, sometimes across the Brooklyn Bridge, and at times around Prospect Park. If you know Sofia, choosing to walk over calling an Uber meant she must have really liked Joe. Six months later, we both quit our jobs, changed our careers, and moved to the last place we thought we would live: Mississippi. Sofia transitioned from being a school principal to a non-profit executive. Joseph applied all his learnings from working at the Governor's office to open his own business. While this transition was a leap of faith, it was also a testament to the life we envisioned together. With the covering from God and support of our community, we've been able to strengthen our love and our partnership. Starting a life together in 'The Sippi' was a big change for us (and our family & friends!) but it has also been one of our biggest blessings. We are hosting our Wedding in our home in Mississippi, and we welcome you to experience our now world in celebration of our love journey.

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