Shalyn & Taylor

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We're Getting Married!

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Shalyn Bouffard


Taylor Miller


May 18, 2024

Burlington, VT
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Our Story

Our First Date : August 17th, 2016 He picked me up and we went to the Jericho Cafe and Tavern. There, we discussed our interests, goals and hopes for the future. We both ordered salads and were so engrossed in our conversations that neither of us took a single bite of food and went home with to-go boxes. Officially Official : August 22nd, 2016 We became exclusive/facebook official In Love: September 1st, 2016 We said I love you for the first time Couldn't Be Apart Any Longer! : December 15th, 2016 We moved into our first apartment together in Essex Jct. Our First Fur Baby : September 4th, 2017 We adopted our cat Jasper at 6.5 weeks old Our Second Fur Baby : August 11th, 2021 We adopted our dog Theodore at 10 weeks old YES day! : December 06th, 2022 Finally after SIX years and four months together, Taylor got down on one knee (in crocs) and asked me to marrying him at Paradise Island in the Bahamas while on our 2nd cruise with my sister Shauney and brother-in-law John

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