Selby Rose & Jacob


Jacob Wilson


Selby Rose MacGillivray


August 12, 2023

Carpentersville, IL
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A Decade to Wilson

Selby Rose and Jacob’s story started their junior year at Fremd High School when their mutual friends (Kelly, Megan, Samantha & Emily) set them up to go to the homecoming dance together. Jacob was on the cross country team and Selby Rose was an honorary cheerleader for the team and her girlfriends. When it came time to go to the dance, Selby Rose and Jacob were the only two without dates in the friend group, so naturally the others devised a plan. The two, being quite shy, were a little quiet with each other but had a lot of fun with their friends. They both went to two more dances together that year while starting to date a little in between. This continued during their senior year as they dated on and off but never quite got it right. It wasn’t until a week after prom (one they did not attend together) that the two decided to give it one more shot before heading off to college. As we all know, this time it stuck and the rest is history. A decade later and Jacob and Selby Rose have experienced a lot of life together. - Four years of distance dating, where the two had to communicate between the following cities: Milwaukee, WI, Champagne-Urbana, IL, Peoria IL & Washington D.C. - Five years and counting of sharing a home together: Starting in River North and currently in Lakeview - Traveled on amazing trips to the following countries and states: Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Dominican Republic Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Pensilvania, Ohio, Texas, Washington D.C., Wisconsin - Countless evenings and weekends with their incredible friends - Holiday weekends at the cabin - Family Thanksgivings (The Olsons, MacGillivrays and Wilsons have been celebrating together for 7 plus years and looking forward to many more) - Canadian Thanksgivings - Wilson tree decorating traditions - Olson & Mathers Christmas Bear traditions - Wachunas family reunions and croquet tournaments - And many more to come! Selby Rose and Jacob feel so grateful to have found each other so young and are blessed to have such supportive friends and family who have cheered them on every step of the way. Now let’s get these two married and dance the night away!