Our love is written in the stars.


Nicole Sedmina


Stephen Fitzgerald


May 18

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The Proposal

Always and forever.

After being chosen to travel to Phoenix Raceway from the NASCAR Sales Center to work the Championship weekend. Stephen and I had the privilege to stay for the week as event support. We were beyond excited for many reasons. Personally, I have had the pleasure of going to Phoenix multiple times and absolutely loved it. Once hired with NASCAR I was ecstatic to find that I would have the opportunity to not only go back to Phoenix but to also work a Championship event. Stephen was also excited for not only being this his first time traveling as event support but also, he had a surprise for me that would change our lives. To further elaborate, we flew out of Florida mid-week to travel to Phoenix. Unbeknownst to me, Stephen had an engagement ring in his pocket the entire trip, biding his time for the perfect moment to proceed with the question. We went through multiple security screenings at the airport and at the track. Fortunately, I was too busy sightseeing and taking pictures of the scenery. To notice him hiding and maneuvering the ring so that I would not find it during our trip. Finally, the date of my birthday on November 5th, arrived. It was also the day for the Xfinity Championship Race. We had an early start on that cold morning, a good experience in the flow of getting to Phoenix Raceway. We knew our way around well at the point and what seemed like a long walk into the security check point to enter the track. Unlike the previous day, I decided to traverse faster through security by not bringing my backpack allowing me to get in first. Stephen however, had his backpack and in his pocket the ring. He would no longer place the ring in the backpack since he knew I would go through his bag for my own items he would carry for me. He would later tell me he was nervous since Security was having us empty our pockets and open our bags. He was anxious that during the screening processes the ring would be revealed too early. Usually, I would wait for him after getting in. However, I decided to go ahead of him in hopes of Rudy’s being open to obtain breakfast burritos for us both. Stephen was relieved that I went ahead because right as I ventured away. The security guard saw the ring and exclaimed, "Is that what I think it is!?" In which Stephen responded, "It sure is!" At this point, I was long gone and had no clue what transpired behind me. We arrived at the ticket office and at this point he has informed everyone that he will be proposing soon. Initially the plan was to go hiking to a place that was I wanted to visit after work, unfortunately that trail closed earlier that day. With no other plans for my birthday, we asked for recommendations on places to go for dinner and settled on Jason's Deli. It was unexpected turn in Stephen’s Romantic Birthday plan that turned out to be delightful. For Jason's Deli, is by far one of my favorite places. After traveling far, we got to see the stunning pinks and purples in the sky for a beautiful sunset over the mountains. Once we arrived and ordered our food, we sat down together. Basking in the warmth and the quiet after the long and strenuous day we had. Enjoying our time together sharing memorable stories of the day with one another. I had been informing him about an old couple I met at my window, and how they were arguing over his wallet. Oblivious, I rambled for 5 minutes before I eventually saw it. He pulled out the ring and placed it on the table, it must have been the moment Stephen was waiting for, because he proposed. In that perfect moment after an incredible day in a quaint deli, sitting in the back booth together. Celebrating my Birthday and ending it with the best gift, love.