Lindsey & Sean


Sean McCain


Lindsey Thom



September 30

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First Date

April 22, 2015

Sean and Lindsey met while working at the same restaurant in Nashville, TN. He was back of house and she was front of house. The flirting started and we found out we had similar taste in music and one of our favorite bands, Modest Mouse, was playing in Memphis soon. Sean ended up finding Lindsey a ticket and she took a chance traveling over 3 hours with an almost stranger and one of his best friends, Dillon. It obviously worked out and Sean and Lindsey became inseparable after that.

The Proposal

October 24th, 2021

After over six years of being together, Sean asked Lindsey the question she had been waiting to hear while they were at a music festival in Atlanta. A few minutes before we were about to see Modest Mouse (Yes, the band we saw on our first date), Sean had someone take our picture but little did Lindsey know, he was getting down on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of their lives together. It was by far the easiest question for Lindsey to answer. We are so excited for our future together!