Peps & Sara

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Peps Bengzon


Sara Appleton

January 5, 2024

Metro Manila, Philippines

How We Got Here

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Think back to Spring 2020: the streets were empty, restaurants and bars were closed, and everyone was told to stay at home... alone. That was a tall order for the extroverted groom and his roommate, college friend Brett Neustadt, who decided to invite two friends to come over on a Saturday night during the early days of lockdown. Brett invited Sara, whom he had befriended at Harvard Business School, while Peps invited a friend from home, Angelo Gayanelo... because he clearly misunderstood the assignment. The four enjoyed a raucous night of home-made steak, cocktails, and singing along to The Sound of Music: a lockdown tradition was born! The group podded before podding was cool, getting together every Saturday night for steak and Disney sing-a-long movie nights. 12 weeks in, Peps and Sara decided to test whether they could stand each others' company without the other two. After an initial summer of COVID-era makeshift dates (rides on the Staten Island Ferry & Roosevelt Island tram, rooftop comedy shows, to-go cocktails in the West Village, a trip to the New York Finger Lakes) and supporting each other through long work-from-home hours, protests/curfews, and the existential uncertainties of the plague, Sara and Peps realized their relationship was one COVID change they wanted to make permanent. Please join us in celebrating our great luck!