Sara & Jonathan

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January 12, 2024

Tampa, FL
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How We Met

We met in 2015 at Davenport University, in Grand Rapids, MI. It was a snowy December night on campus. Sara was working hard, studying in the library. Then, I abruptly walked in with a large McDonald's soda and a full package of mint Oreo's. Lucky for me, I decided to sit right across from the hot brunette, my future wife. She saw the Oreo's and could not resist asking for one. I promptly gave her an Oreo and asked her out to Applebee's the next night. From then on, we have been inseparable and supported each other through college athletics, graduating, getting a dog, and the hectic lifestyle of professional baseball and travel nursing. We are grateful for the memories that we have created together and cannot wait for what the future holds.