Ryan & Michelle

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet The Crew!

Michelle Vickman


(Written by Ryan) Michelle has accepted her fate as a step-mom, living in near constant chaos, and moved out from the city to the Burbs. This will be a chance to celebrate all that she has sacrificed to be with Ryan. Michelle LOVES documentaries, especially when there's death and serial killers involved, our pup Arbor, and travel. Right now, she is an occupational therapist, but that will change.

Ryan Dodd


(Written by Michelle) Ryan is excited to be starring in his second wedding. While the first one didn't work out, it brought him joy in the form of 5 children, all who are involved during our big day! Ryan is a consultant and truly values the outdoors and time with family as well as our fur baby, Arbor.

Stacie Bruss

Maid of Honor

Stacie has been Michelle's bestie since high school. They both played the flute; Stacie thought Michelle was strange and Michelle thought Stacie was quiet...and the rest is history! When Stacie isn't too busy being a bad ass police detective, she is an awesome mom to Crew- the ring bearer! She is Michelle's OG travel partner and is excited to stand up (again) in the wedding party!

Kevin Dodd

Best Man

Kevin is Ryan's brother. As most will learn about him, he has spent his life as a performer, and that is evident in his effervescent presentations in everyday life and the annual Halloween party. He also spent much of his life living in a burlap sack; even though it itched, caused calluses, and smelled terrible, he refused to take it off. Until Cherie (his life-partner) came along and took pity on this young, vagabond mime.

Meg Mielke


Meg is another life long bestie of Michelle's from OT college; they have many stories from their amazing and "productive" study groups and nights out (CANNONBALL and nature's candy). Michelle and Meg have gone on many adventures together and plan to continue! Look for her on the dance floor!

RJ Dodd


Ryan's eldest son; he is as thrilled as a teenager could be to stand up in his father's wedding.

Brenda Drollinger


Brenda is a life long friend of Michelle's; they met when they were both CNAs at a nursing home in West Bend. They have enjoyed many Thirsty Thursdays together (albeit when they were both a wee bit younger) and share the joys of being step-moms.

Patrick Drollinger


Patrick is Brenda's husband; he, Brenda and Michelle have a great bond as they were always there for Michelle over the years. When Patrick isn't quoting Golden Girls, you can find him listening to U2, enjoying live music and enjoying a Brewers or Packers game. Patrick and Ryan have became fast friends over the past few years!

Cherie Seitz


Cherie is the fun aunt of the Dodd clan! She is Kevin's partner of more than 20 years! Her and Michelle have become fast friends and Michelle is really digging her new sister-in-law!

Kase Dodd


Kase is Ryan's youngest child and the youngest son as well. Kase is thrilled to party and learned how to dance just for this occasion.

Ireland Dodd

Flower Girl

Ireland is Ryan's youngest daugher and the second youngest of the bunch. She is thrilled to wear a pretty dress, throw flower petals and dance around!

Crew Fedel

Ring Bearer

Crew is Michelle's godson, son of Stacie Bruss and Dave Fedel. He is thrilled to run around, eat snacks and hang out with his mom!

Alece Breedlove


Alece is Ryan's oldest child and eldest daughter. She is excited to assist at the wedding and hang with her family! She also recently got married to Cam Breedlove, coincidentally 08/04/23!

London Dodd


London is Ryan's middle child and middle daughter; she is thrilled to help usher and to hang with the family!

Peter Vickman

Father of the Bride

Peter is Michelle's dad and is thrilled to FINALLY see his daughter get married.

Linda Baldus

Mother of the Bride

Linda is thrilled to be a part of the big day! She is delighted to be adding 5 grandchildren to her life; as if she wasn't busy enough!

Doug Dodd

Father of the Groom

Doug is Ryan's dad and is excited to share in this day with Ryan, Michelle and family

Chris Dodd

Step-Mom of the Groom

Chris is Doug's wife and Ryan's later-in-life step-mom and grandma to Ryan's 5 kids!

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