Sami & Josh


Let's celebrate!

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Josh Opdahl


Sami Roberts

September 6 - 9, 2024

Nashville, TN
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How we met

Hormel Foods Internship

We met at a summer internship for Hormel Foods in Austin, MN! We were the only two interns in the R&D department building. We were friends for a good beginning of the internship. Josh soon discovered Sami's love for comedy music while deciding what music to play in a car ride with fellow interns. They bonded further over this and later attended a Lonely Island concert together as their first date in Minenapolis. The rest was history!

Engagement Story

It all started with a bike ride!

We have Nashville E-bike passes that we love to use to explore the city! Josh suggested we do a bike ride one Saturday, and it all seemed normal. He was acting funny all day and it was obvious something was up, but we went along with it! We rode to the Pedestrian bridge and dropped off the bikes. As we were walking along the bridge, we kept admiring the view and saying how pretty it was. At some point when looking back, Josh was already down on one knee! I was so extremely surprised, happy, excited, and obviously said yes!

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