Rachel & Robert

We are so excited to start our marriage journey!!


Robert Ledford


Rachel Tarantino

May 18, 2024

Ashland City, TN
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How We Met

The Happiest Place on Earth

Despite meeting through mutual friends before, our relationship really began on a trip to Disney World. We were able to grow closer and truly believe that is were our love story begins.

The Proposal

I Said Yes!

We typically always do movie date nights on Friday. This particular week, we had already seen everything that was out in theaters so we opted for dinner and maybe some dancing. We go out to Kisoro - our favorite sushi place. We place our orders and while we wait for our food Rob is talking all about this sword hanging on the wall behind me. If you know Rob, you know how much he loves swords and wants to grow his collection. As I turn back around from looking at this sword to tell him we cannot steal it, he is sitting there with the ring in his hand. I honestly had to ask him later what he said because I was so in shock and crying happy tears. I barely remember even eating my food because I was so excited.