Rj & Ka’laybria

We’re getting married!







July 29, 2023

Gig Harbor, WA
127 days127 d12 hours12 h45 minutes45 min

How we met:

After Ka’Laybria finished Airborne school, she reported to Fort Bragg, NC, and started going to a Bible study at the barracks. RJ also went to the same Bible study and saw Ka’Laybria for the first time. But the two never shared words. Later that month, RJ had a heart procedure and stayed in Washington for a month to recover. At this point, Ka’Laybria wondered why he stopped attending the Bible study and had heard he was no longer in the Army. Two months later, Ka’Laybria was at an Airborne Operation and saw RJ. She was confused if it was the same person she had seen at the Bible study all that time ago. So she approached RJ and asked him to help put her equipment on. The two started talking and grew interested in each other. They got to know each other more as they continued going to the barracks Bible study. RJ eventually asked Ka’Laybria to be his girlfriend, and the two became inseparable.