Samantha & Brian

We’re getting MARRIED!








December 31, 2023

Ridgewood, NJ
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How We Met

Communication is Key

Samantha and Brian's story does not begin with love at first sight. These star-crossed lovers began their journey in the same communications class, where their mutual distaste for one another would make the idea of marriage unlikely. Call it fate, destiny, or luck that Taco Bell exists, but somehow these two learned to look past their differences to find that their other half was right there waiting for them. From late night runs to Taco Bell, to all-nighters working on assignments, these two quickly became inseparable. The only thing that could get in the way of this budding infatuation, is the 228 miles that separated them during summer break. Although this could have been the end of the story, it proved to be the perfect way to show how one needed the other, and that their lives were forever entangled. After a weekend together at a friends beach house Samantha and Brian decided to make things official, and see where this wonderful thing would go. Over the next three years, Samantha and Brian's obsession with each other only intensified. They quickly went from the new couple to the mom and dad of their respective friend groups as they conquered college together. COVID-19, along with the long list of atrocities it brought with it, brought Samantha and Brian's next great challenge, navigating life after college together. Through various apartments, roommates, and uncomfortable situations, the one constant that remained was that Samantha and Brian were going to figure it out as one. The couple finally seemed to have gotten it right, and settled in a lovely apartment in Norwood, Massachusetts. Although things seemed to be looking up for the couple, there would be very little downtime. A goal of Brian's throughout his post-grad life was to be able to move back to his home state of New York. Although originating as just a fantasy, through hard work and love, Samantha and him quickly turned this fantasy into a real opportunity. Even though this meant leaving her home and everything she had known thus far in her short life, Samantha agreed that they would make this leap of faith and move to New York. Although the idea had already been rattling around in his mind, this proclamation was the catalyst that would make Brian's decision absolute, he was going to marry this girl. If a person can be so selfless, and so willing to walk into the unknown for another individual, it would be the blunder of the century for anyone on this earth to let a person like that slip away. And with a little help from friends, family, and the New York Fire Department, Brian made sure that Samantha was not going anywhere. On March 17, 2022, Brian asked Samantha to marry him in Bryant Park in New York City. Samantha and Brian have always worked well together as a team. No matter the obstacle, no matter the argument, these two have always been able to find a way to succeed. Their love for one another outweighs any fear of failure or disappointment and will outshine any perceived shortcoming one may have of themselves. For whatever one of these two lacks the other provides; and believe me when I say when you find someone like that, you feel like the world is yours for the taking. And now they would like to thank you for joining them on this next part of their journey. If you are reading this, you have played an integral role in their lives up to this point, and they are willing to bet that you will continue to be the amazing people they have come to know and love for many years to come. Brian and Samantha are deeply honored that you are attending their wedding, let’s make it a good one!