Lindsey & Zach


Lindsey Akers


Zach Rudy

September 14, 2023

San Clemente, CA
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Our Story

A Headline Act in the Making

Bonded by a passion for music, it's no wonder that Lindsey and Zach first met through music. What started from an online interaction quickly evolved into a first-time meeting at music festival. Fate would have it, not only did they share the same taste in music, but they would soon discover many more shared passions. Over the next few years, they explored their long distance love while bouncing back and forth between LA and SD. In early 2020, they finally merged their lives together under one roof. Little did they know, they would end up sharing the same work desk in a one-bedroom apartment amidst a pandemic. Fast forward to 2022, Zach took Lindsey on a wine tasting expedition in Mexico, but who would have thought he had a surprise in store? (spoiler: it was a ring). Of course she said yes and here we are, just months away from marriage! We are so excited to celebrate the start of this new chapter with you!