Rea & Isabel

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Isabel Rossi


Rea Glover

St. Paul


October 5

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How They Met

The power of the (digital) pen

Back in 2016, when we frequented creative writing forums, Isabel put out a request for someone to review her work. Rea ended up being that person, and similar interests made us fast friends. Skype messages became Skype calls and turned to video chats, and we found ourselves talking just about every day. After Isabel bridged the cross-country gap and visited South Carolina a couple of times, we realized we were in love in January of 2018, and in February, committed ourselves to each other. Long distance became a few feet apart in the same room. Now, we live together in Duluth, Minnesota with our naughty, furry son, Franky. With there being no particular protocol about two women proposing, we decided to take turns and give each other a special day. Rea's proposal started with a visit to the DECC's Winter Village and the Great Lakes Aquarium, where a surprise engagement photographer was waiting for us and following us until the fateful moment. Isabel's choice was to take Rea on a Christmas candlelight tour of the Glensheen Mansion grounds, proposing in the gleaming holiday lights out by the lake. (Real romance is holding someone until your knuckles turn white so you don't slide and break your ankles on sidewalks coated with a month's worth of ice.) We come from very different places, but we're excited to bring them together and make our small world just a little bigger. We look forward to sharing this great milestone in our lives with those we hold most dear.