Jason Krawietz


Hannah Pittman

April 14, 2023

Spring Branch, TX

How We Found Each Other

Jason and Hannah first met each other at Rahe Bulverde Elementary School in small town Bulverde, Texas. From kindergarten to high school, they were best friends, even when they went to different schools for a few years. After high school, they became more than friends before moving away to college.

The Proposal

Jason told me we were going out to a nice restaurant with our friends so I needed to wear something cute. After picking me up, he started driving towards Boerne and he turned into Guadalupe State Park where he told me our friends were getting some pictures taken for their wedding. He suggested while we wait that we go down a hiking trail we went down 5 years ago to reminisce. As we walked down, we found a rock where we sat on that had a great view when we came here in the past and we stayed there for a bit talking. At one point he told me to look out at something and then after a seconds he told me to turn around. There he was down on one knee in a spot special to us saying the words "it's happening" and asking me to marry him! I was so shocked and excited at the same time, I said yes, but it probably didn't come out as English. We can't wait to celebrate our next adventure with the people we care about!