Joelle & Pasquale


a glimpse of our love

Watercolor Highlight

Pasquale Pianelli


Joelle Samaha

September 10, 2023

New Jersey, USA

How We Met

August 14, 2020

During the depths of the pandemic and during the summer of 2020, the norm of being able to socialize was out of reach. Pat got to the point of frustration and was talking to his mother about it. She convinced him “to go on those sites” to try and meet someone. After some serious contemplation, and with no confidence that this would work, he felt he had nothing to lose. He did some research and talked to friends and felt that Bumble would be the best fit for him. He swiped right and here we are! Thanks Bumble! But, in all seriousness, it was not that simple. Pat and Joelle texted and talked for one month before meeting because Joelle was helping her sister with a newborn baby and did not want to take any chance with Covid. This really impressed Pat and paved the way for a very good first date. After that first date, Pat and Joelle spent A LOT of time together at the beach because that was the one place they could go during Covid. They eventually fell in love, which leads us to the proposal….

The Proposal

November 26, 2022

After much contemplation and thought, Pat knew that he wanted this special day to take place on a beach. After all, this is where they fell in love and spent much of those first dates talking, laughing, and just getting to know each other. The Jersey Shore was their special place, but unfortunately it can be a cold dreary place in the winter months! Pat became nervous that on that special day the weather would not cooperate, and he wanted the day to be perfect for his perfect fiancé… He convinced Joelle to take a last-minute trip to sunny Florida for Thanksgiving weekend. He convinced her that he needed the time off from the stressors of building and this would be something that would reenergize him. Joelle, always wanting Pat to be calm and happy, agreed. Now, the groundwork was done to go to Florida. It was the actual proposal that Pat needed to figure out. Pat and Joelle had seen many sunsets and that was something they enjoyed doing together, but never a sunrise and they always talked about getting up very early one morning and going to see a sunrise. Knowing this, Pat nonchalantly mentioned “Hey, bring your selfie stick that you love to Fort Lauderdale. Maybe we can finally catch a sunrise.” With Pat’s surprise she said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea!” After looking at the weather, Pat picked the best morning of the trip. Joelle, unknowing of what was to come, picked a great spot to place the selfie camera to catch the “sunrise.” Everything worked out just as Pat dreamed…the sunrise was perfect… the right moment came... Pat got on one knee, he nervously popped the question after explaining how much Joelle means to him and she said yes! The best part is that the moments are all captured on video for them to enjoy forever….

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