Palmo & Trevis





April 7, 2023

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA
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Our Story

We first crossed paths at Lincoln Middle School when we were 11 and little did we know what was in store for us. At the time, we were both fully engulfed in our own versions of LA— Palmo pursuing her interests in the arts and creativity and Trevis heading from gym to gym to fulfill his dream of playing pro basketball. We hardly crossed paths. We stayed friends throughout the years and finally reconnected in 2017 at the end of our senior year in college (Palmo at UCLA and Trevis at Sacramento State). We relived old memories and looked forward to making new ones, all while falling in love each day in the present moment. Each of us come from entirely different upbringings but we were able to find a sense of peace and unity in each other— all the things that make your heart warm when you look at someone and simply know that’s the person you’re meant to be with. We graduated college and lived together in LA, worked in the food industry together and within months, made the decision to move to Manila, Philippines, you guessed it: together. Trevis got drafted as a first round pick to the PBA (Philippines Basketball Association) and Palmo worked at a Manila-based creative agency. The Philippines will always be special to us, it’s where we got engaged and where we grew together the most in our relationship thus far. We were on our own, navigating a new world and we were all we had. With us both in the midst of our busy careers in Manila, we held a small civil ceremony February 2020 and eloped in Sacramento, CA. We’re truly sorry we didn’t get to invite everyone, but we did it with the intention of knowing we’d one day celebrate our love properly, with all our people. 2020 came and said “Okay you want to be married? Stay in lockdown in a condominium together for a whole year straight.” So we did just that, and came out unscathed. We adapted together seamlessly and kept each other in good spirits. Fast forward to present day: we’re transitioning back stateside to continue our story together—but first a proper wedding party with our loved ones!