We are so excited to celebrate with you!
We are so excited to celebrate with you!

Jesica & Michael


Michael Palagruto


Jesica Cincinnato

October 20, 2023

Lansdale, Pa
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How we met…

January 20, 2013

On-Line dating…. But we won’t tell our kids that… we happened upon each other on OkCupid… Jesica “smiled” at Michael and he sent her a message and responded to EVERYTHING in her profile… We had a lot in common aside from our Italian heritage…and started texting… After weeks of texting for hours each day we decided to meet… at FRIDAYS… it happened to be the first day of the NHL lock out season… and Jesica was a huge hockey fan… she didn’t watch a single play…

He asked… She was speechless

July 30, 2021

Michael and Jesica enjoy going to Lancaster for day trips, but this was trip they would never forget…