Naomi & Zach


Naomi Narat


Zach Christy

August 13, 2023

Frederick, MD
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How We Met!

Naomi & Zach officially met at Mount Airy Bible Church in the summer of 2018. One of Naomi's sisters had already met him and teased her that she HAD to meet him. Naturally, they ran into each other while volunteering at a youth event. Naomi introduced herself (because, why not!) and later on in the day got to really talk to him as they were cleaning up shaving cream bottles from the church field (shaving cream youth group battle, duh!). Anyway, they were loading the bottles into his pickup truck and Zach was like, "Hop on the back!" Naomi told him she'd never been in a truck before and that blew his mind (so, of course, he had to drive she and her sisters around after that!!). Their paths continued to cross as he started attending the same college age Bible study meetings as she did. In August of 2018, Zach asked Naomi out!! And, being the slow-paced kind of gal she was, they didn't actually go out on a date until April of 2019. To this day, Zach always says she took forever to date him (insert cry emoji). Not sure why God worked it out that way, but honestly, Zach's willingness to patiently wait for Naomi is one the top things she cherishes most about him. After almost 3 years of dating, they got engaged on April 9th, 2022! Looking back on past several years, we both can see how God has worked in our lives and sharpened us. We have had so many amazing adventures (traveling overseas, hiking a LOT, road trips, beach trips, fishing, hunting 2x total :), and countless loving memories, as well as our share of difficult trials. Looking back, we give thanks to God for sustaining us and bringing us to where we are today. We will be getting married privately on May 9th and on August 13th we look forward to having a more official ceremony and celebration with our many loved ones and friends. We can't wait to see you all there <3