Christina & Anthony


Celebrating Our Love

Watercolor Highlight

Anthony Gulli


Christina Barbera

May 31, 2024

Baiting Hollow, NY
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Our Story

Once upon a time, Christina and Anthony attended St. Joseph's College. In 2012, they were introduced to each other through mutual friends at St. Joseph's College Club Fair. As ironic as it may be, Christina told two people on this very same day, that she felt Anthony would be someone she would date. (If that ain't fate!) Although their paths crossed here, their story would not begin until many years later. Anthony and Christina's paths continued to cross over the years when sitting in the cafeteria at St. Joe's, at Greek life events and college parties. Both Christina and Anthony graduated and continued on with their lives...fast forward to the end of 2017 when it was suggested to both of them that they would be a good match together. In January of 2018, they both attended a birthday party where they each knew the other was interested...but who would make the first move? On February 2, Anthony and Christina had their first date at Alexandro's in Mt. Sinai. Here a promise was made to always treat one another with love and respect. Two weeks later, they were "officially" dating and although they didn't know it yet, that promise would be the foundation to a lifetime of love and happiness. In November of 2022, Christina and Anthony planned a trip upstate to spend some quality time together relaxing and enjoying the scenery. They stayed at a cabin in Smallwood, NY. On November 5, at the top of the Tusten Mountain Trail, Anthony popped the question! And so the wedding planning began...

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