Molly & Jeremiah


Jeremiah Stagel


Molly Miller



August 27

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How We Met

Fall 2016

One Friday morning before a long weekend Molly sat at breakfast in the Dinning Commons for the first time since ROTC started. Jeremiah walked up to the table and asked if he could sit with her. They sparked up a conversation. Leaving the DC full and happy they each made a friend, they parted ways… only to find out they were in the same heath class but didn’t know because one sat in the front and the other in the back. Little did they know they would run into one another in Psychology a couple hours later. Over the next few weeks they sat close enough to pass notes and studied for their classes together. One put effort into the classes for the both of them, and the other… well he passed. Over the next 4 years they would go to 3 formals, take 5 classes together, serve 1 probation sentence on a dry campus, see 8 movies in the drive in theatre and go on countless long walks on the beach. They were fueled by coffee, ramen, and cinnamon rolls, and a little bit of wine.