Mike & Amy are getting married!



Amy Cover


Mike Prebil

January 13, 2024

Baltimore, MD
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Kind of weird, but nice

In the summer of '16, Mike went over to his friend Brian's for a bike ride up the Gunpowder River. He thought he'd come away with a sunburn and maybe a water moccasin sighting. What he'd find, unbeknownst to him then, was the love of his life. In Brian's living room, Mike chatted with a new friend, Rachel, as they waited for fellow riders to get ready. At once a mysterious aura brightened the room, and a young woman took a seat across from him. After a hello and a few pleasantries exchanged, her focus shifted back to Rachel and Brit, her best friends. Then as quickly as she arrived she was gone, off to prepare for the night shift at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Later, Mike asked Brian: "So what's the story with the girl who was at your house earlier?" "Oh, that's Amy," Brian replied. "She's nice. Kind of weird, but nice." A year passed with no further sign of Amy. Had Mike imagined her? In the spring of '17, on May 10th to be precise, Amy prepared for another night shift. Some time before, while browsing woo-woo astrology nonsense to which she, like many of her generation, was and is inclined, Amy had read that "May 10th is an extremely important day: be sure to mark it in your calendar." She had done so, but so far no auspicious events or grand serendipities had transpired. Hustling away to catch the shuttle, she realized she had forgotten her lunchbox. On the way back to retrieve it, another friend, Jaisal, was biking by. Would she come to his birthday party tomorrow? She did, and there was Mike when she arrived. He was in rare form, at least by his own recollection, and focused every reservoir of his charm on Amy. With uncharacteristic shrewdness, he also managed to secure an invitation to another event that weekend where he knew she would be in attendance. After he made his exit, Amy, taken with Mike's kindness, humor, and (sort of) cool tattoos, asked Brian: "So what's the story with Mike?" "He's nice. Kind of weird, but nice." Enchantment happens in an instant; love grows only with time. With luck, trust, and the support and guidance of family and friends like you, from the foundation of a weird enchantment we've built an immortal love. On January 13th, 2024, we're celebrating our life together—past, present, and future—and we hope you'll be there with us!

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