Sara June & Hunter

We are getting married!




Sara June

April 13, 2024

San Diego, CA
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How We Met

It was a Bumble Love Story

Hunter and Sara June matched on the dating website bumble in August of 2021. It was Sara’s last day of paying for Bumble (the dating app where women reach out first) and it was Hunter’s first day on the app. Sara was pretty much done with the app and about ready to give up and had a goal of buying a house and filling it with dogs. Hunter was also giving another app one more chance at finding something. Hunter and Sara June started talking and it was going well so they planned a date at the Roaring Fork near the Domain in Austin Texas. The first few minutes were your typical awkward first date from an app feeling each other out. Things quickly turned a corner and there was no looking back. Hunter ordered the roast chicken and Sara June got the burger. The conversation never stopped. We touched on a lot politics, religion, careers and family. We could not shut up and shut the restaurant down. We walked to our cars and Sara gave Hunter a huge hug but was disappointed no kiss. Secretly, Hunter wanted to ask Sara June to get coffee, but he chickened out. It was Friday August 13th 2021. Sara June asked Hunter to go to a concert the following week on Thursday at Stubb’s downtown to see the Maine who was opening for All Time Low. The concert was great, but it was August in Austin, Texas and hotter than hell. Sara June sang and danced along to the music, surprisingly comfortable with a man who she just met. Sara June snapped the first picture/ selfie together and you can spot the sweat line on both Sara June and Hunter. Also you will notice the masks as it was August in 2021 they came off shortly after the photo and did not return. Hunter wore long jeans, a button down and cowboy boots to this concert as he is a gentleman and it was our second date. All Time Low was playing their set. Hunter standing in the heat all afternoon he wobbled a little and Sara June caught him. She thought he was okay but then minutes later he fell to his knees. He got back up and Sara June pulled him out of the crowd and made a beeline for some stairs on the side and got us both some waters. Moments later a security guard yelled at us and other couples. We stood up and Sara asked if he wanted to get out of there to which he happily replied yes. Hunter drove Sara June home and she asked him to come inside for a bit. We sat next to each other on my couch and Hunter asked if he could kiss Sara. She happily said yes and they exchanged their first kiss. Quickly after this Sara and Hunter began spending every weekend together and most nights . Hunter even joined Orange Theory so they could spend more time together. Hunter and Sara June took their first trip to Fredericksburg for wine tasting and Oktoberfest. Sara June almost immediately came down with terrible allergies and Hunter went to the store and got tons of meds and candy because Sara June has a sweet tooth. He came back with multiple types of candy way more than could be eaten in one night.