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Cheyenne & Dustin

We’re getting married!





September 1, 2023

Rexburg, ID
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It’s a Good, Long Story

It’s funny how life plays out. They always say that “God works in mysterious ways.” And I’ll tell you what..He sure does! We very first met each other way back when, eight-ish years ago, and then ran into each other again a little over four years ago. We didn’t need each other (yet, or didn’t know it) upon our initial meeting, but the timing must have been right the second round… and we’re both so glad that it was! The years that we’ve been blessed with together so far have been full of love, growth (personal and as a couple), a lot of laughter, and plenty of lessons, all of which have brought us closer in our relationship. We’re both so grateful for our children and that they all love each other so much. Kelton, Dayton, Kyah, and Remi get along as if they’ve always been together and the family we’ve created feels safe, healthy, and most importantly, happy. Almost four years now and whether we’re hiking & camping, playing video games, or reading quietly, we aren’t even close to being sick of one another (lol, maybe a little bit sometimes but it never lasts long)! We’re perfectly happy to continue doing everything we do, side by side, forever and ever. Neither of us can imagine a life without the other and we think it’s safe to say that we’ve both truly found the best of friends in each other and are so excited to be taking this step forward into being husband and wife.