Mackenzie & Victor









November 4, 2023

Pomona, CA

How They Met

If we want to be technical, Mackenzie and Victor briefly met back in 2015 (maybe it was 2014?) at a gathering at their friends, Vero and Leno’s house. They also briefly interacted at Leno and Victor’s birthday party at Padre’s in 2016. It obviously wasn’t their time to shine then… we fast forward to 2018. June 2018; Mackenzie’s not-so-subtle boss asked their IT Lead if she knew anyone single for Mackenzie to date. That IT Lead was none other than good friend, Vero. (Ya know, the one from the gathering earlier.) Vero mentioned she had a single friend who loved to travel, and that Mackenzie may have met before. They had, as previously pointed out, in fact met before. Mackenzie thought Victor was pretty cute, and gave Vero the all clear on passing along her phone number to Victor. Then it was a waiting game for Mackenzie… Fortunately Victor didn’t make Mackenzie wait too long. He sent the first text out on June 10, 2018 as he was flying back home to Washington DC. The long distance correspondence commenced… While sussing out the prospects for a future partner who lived on the other side of the country wasn’t ideal, Mackenzie and Victor’s conversations flowed and after a little over two months, they had their first date at Blind Donkey in downtown Long Beach. For the next year, they continued to talk over the phone, and would meet up when Victor would visit town. Mackenzie also had the pleasure of visiting the nation’s capital to visit Victor for his birthday in 2019. While the long distance thing was fun, Victor officially moved back to Long Beach in August of 2019. He then got to witness first hand how weird Mackenzie is on a regular basis. While the world kind of shut down in 2020, their relationship flourished. They enjoyed one another’s company so much that they decided to buy a house together in June 2021. Mackenzie knew marriage was in the future, but when Victor got down on one knee on December 18, 2021, she was completely taken aback. She ugly cried and said yes prior to seeing the ring, and felt very fortunate that no photos were taken of the occasion. Here they are now in 2023, getting ready to walk down the aisle and celebrate with you!

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