Maple & Yan Long


Maple Tran


Yan Long Zhang

June 18, 2023

Porto, Portugal
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How We Met


It was a cold winter day. Maple and Yan attended the same house party. A friendly game of slap cup unfolded and brought them together. Fast forward a few months, Yan started appearing more frequently at her Kips Bay apartment and he even offered to fix Maple's broken internet. To repay him, Maple offered to take Yan out to a nice gluten-free restaurant nearby.

The Proposal


On one of their last days in Iceland Maple heard there was an active volcano near Reykjavík. On a whim, they decided to check it out. Unprepared with little to no expectations, they started a hike up the volcano. There were strong winds and some rain but they finally made it to the top. Stunned and amazed by the eruptions which forged the diamond, Yan decided it was the perfect moment to propose. Maple said yes! and told him he was crazy and to quickly put the ring away in a safe spot. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in Porto!