Emily & James


We’re getting married!

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Emily Grichuhin


James Mantsch


November 19, 2023

Foresthill, CA

The Proposal

June 25, 2022

James proposed in Santa Cruz at Seabright Beach, where he first said "I love you" to Emily back in 2016. It was a beautiful sunny day in Santa Cruz and James had told Emily that we were meeting some friends for a Santa Cruz Warriors game to convince her to make the trip to Santa Cruz. Once they arrived at the beach they walked along the cliff and James pointed out a series of seashells on the ground. He picked up a particular seashell with the ring hidden inside and got down on one knee. James had prepared for a photographer to secretly take photos of the proposal and once Emily said "yes!" they got to take a bunch of cute photos with the long awaited ring!! After the photos James suggested going to a brewery before going to the basketball game. Emily agreed, although she was worried that they'd be late for the basketball game (which it turns out didn't exist). Once they got to the brewery they were met with a huge surprise of all the people closest to James and Emily, including their families and all of their good friends. They celebrated the engagement with their friends and family at the brewery and had a lovely afternoon!

Our love story

October 5, 2015

James and Emily met in summer 2015, just two weeks before Emily was about to leave for college at UC Santa Cruz. They met through a mutual friend that Emily worked with at Outback Steakhouse named Sarah Sherwood. From the moment they met they knew they had a special connection. James and Emily did long distance for 4 years while Emily was away at college. Once Emily graduated college in 2019 she moved back to Sacramento and they were able to continue their relationship in the same city!! They moved in together in 2020 and have been starting to build their life together ever since. They have two dogs, MJ and Nala, who are their fur baby children and they love so much.

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