Lynsey & Cory

We can't wait to spend our special day with you! Find all the details you need here-we'll see you at the altar!


Cory Lee Hollingsworth


Lynsey Danielle Smith


April 27, 2024

McCormick, SC
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How We Met

January 2021

A friend of mine made a dating profile for myself on a dating app. It was NOT my thing, however I checked it out anyways. I had a comment on my profile about messaging me with weird pick-up lines-trust me, they were awful. Cory sent a message to me about how he didn't even know any pick-up lines. I liked him from the jump! LOL After sending him my number, he took what felt like forever to finally text me (only 4 days lol) and ever since then, we've never stopped talking. He will say I stood him up twice for our first date but things came up and I wasn't able to go. They say third time is a charm because not only did I meet him but I had an emergency at the community I was working at and had to bring him along. I was first on scene and last to leave smelling like smoke, completely drenched and a hot mess. We still went on our date and I still got a text the next day! Our first date has completely set the tone for our witty relationship. The rest is history! :)