Lourdia & Jean


We’re getting married!


Lourdia Jean


Jean Pierre-Louis


February 24, 2024

Tampa, FL
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Lourdia & Jean’s Love Story

Oh, the beauty of answered prayers…

Lourdia and Jean met at the Haitian Church in Tallahassee. Lourdia was new to town, so after the services she would always leave as quickly as possible since she didn’t know anyone too well. BUT, somehow, Jean would sometimes catch her in time just to say hi and ask how she was doing. (She even caught him looking around for her outside once as she was getting ready to drive off!) Little did Lourdia know, Jean had been praying for God to send someone his way. During service one night, Jean was getting up from that exact prayer when God allowed him to lay his eyes on Lourdia. He noticed her sitting towards the back of the church with a white head-wrap on. It was then that Jean made it his mission to always try to talk to her before she got the chance to hurry off. *Side Note: Lourdia would later insist that she didn’t even own a white-head wrap! They would go back and forth about it until Jean realized that it might’ve been what looked like a crown placed on her head as a sign from God… which Lourdia would happily agree to :) Lourdia and Jean started getting to know each other more when Jean sent Lourdia an electronic direct message. As they became friends, he asked her out to eat at California Chicken Grill. Lourdia refused at first, but Jean managed to talk her into it! From there on, Lourdia and Jean talked with a purpose and eventually started courting with a purpose, too. For Jean, being with Lourdia made him feel like he was hanging out with a person he had known forever. He could tell she was a true believer of God through her actions and knew that she would always be there for him. For Lourdia, she realized the feelings she had for Jean when seeing how in sync they were spiritually and how easy it was for her to be comfortable around him. Her constant prayer to God was that her interest wouldn’t be sparked by any man unless he would be her future husband… and guess who sparked that interest? They both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Lourdia jokes that she definitely knew Jean was the one for her when he said that their first dance would be to the Haitian worship leader Samuel Robuste! So, after courting for a while, the time finally came for Jean to take his relationship with Lourdia to greater heights: it was time to propose. He took her out to dinner one evening and made a “quick” stop somewhere on their way back. As Jean went inside and Lourdia waited in the car, he gave her a call asking her to bring him a tool he forgot — only for Lourdia to walk into a romantically decorated room filled with family, friends, and “Back at One” by Brian McKnight playing in the background. A tear-filled moment ended with Jean on one knee, Lourdia saying yes, and a joyous atmosphere as one of her favorite songs, “Iyawo Mi” by Timi Dakolo, filled the air. The meant-to-be couple couldn’t be happier to have fallen in love with each other through God’s guidance, and they can’t wait for you all to witness #ThePierreLouisPromise.

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