02 / 22 / 2024

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Lisa & Matt


Lisa Tabuyo


Matthew Nuesca

February 22, 2024

Los Angeles, CA
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How we met

Luckily for us, finding each other was so easy.

As 1st years at UCLA trying to find clubs, organizations, and socialize, we naturally gravitated towards Samahang Pilipino— a Filipino cultural organization. There, our paths crossed and we eventually became really good friends. We gained a lot of good friends actually— many who are part of our wedding party! We never actually hung out individually together, but once we did, that changed everything. We both knew that our friendship could be something more if we decided to. It took awhile, but Matt eventually took the initiative and planned many thoughtful outings, activities, and places to eat! January 3, 2017 was when I said “finally” to be his girlfriend. College sweethearts, navigating that 9-5 life, long-distance, living together, dog parents, and now engaged?! Six and half years together definitely had its ups and downs, but one thing for sure is that we never loved each other this much— to publicly stand in front of our family and friends and showcase what God has done in our lives, and what He can do in your life. Please join us in love and celebration on Thursday, February 22, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA!