Morgan & Lincoln

We Decided On Forever







August 19, 2023

Bixby, OK
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Their Favorite Love Story

Lincoln and Morgan met on tinder on August 19th 2020. After chatting on the app they decided to go on a date just two days later. While on that date, Morgan jokingly asked Lincoln if he believed in "the one". He quickly answered no, and she agreed. Three dates later, Lincoln told Morgan by the end of the first date he silently took that back, he knew by the end of the night she would be his future wife. From that moment he started planning, he knew she would be his last girlfriend, he had a lot of last firsts coming up so he wanted it to be perfect. September 19th, exactly a month after meeting, Lincoln took Morgan to Vast in OKC, then for a walk in the Myriad Gardens. By the waterfall he gave her a pearl bracelet with a letter, the letter stating how pearls symbolize intention, loyalty, and truth. He promised to always be true, intentional and to be loyal. That someday he would marry her, but first she had to be his girlfriend. She obviously accepted. (who wouldn't?) October 31st Lincoln was hosting a Halloween party, as Morgan got ready to go she had a funny feeling so she decided to take a pregnancy test. Positive. She told Lincoln immediately, and while they were shocked they knew they could take it on together. Morgans pregnancy was rough and long, but Lincoln was a champ and the best support through it all. June 22nd 2021 their son Hale was born, the spitting image of Morgan and so loved by them both. Morgan had graduated from university in May of 2021, but Lincoln had one semester left to finish up at Oklahoma Baptist where he started as the footballs center. Their first game in Arkansas Lincoln broke his leg in 3 places, a devastating end to his career and the start of a long journey. Morgan stepped up and cared for him and 3 month old Hale while working full time in her new career. It took 5 surgeries, but December 20th Lincoln had his last one, two days after graduating from OBU and the day after his birthday. He was finally on the road to recovery. While Lincoln was recovering, they moved their little family of 3 to St. Louis to chase Lincoln's dreams. All the while, he worked on learning how to walk again and practiced getting down on one knee. May 16th 2022, Lincoln had Morgan convinced they were going to a formal event at a hotel in downtown STL. He had her best friends in on it, even going as far as to have them take her shopping for dresses. He used her upcoming birthday as an excuse to get her hair and nails done. The morning of the 16th he took Hale to the "babysitters", in regular pajamas. Any suspicions Morgan had were quickly put to rest when they walked into the hotel and saw signs for the "formal event" in the lobby. But as soon as they got up to the pool deck, she saw "MARRY ME" in big letters, adorned with candles, balloons, and flowers. Tears immediately came, and Lincoln got down on one knee just like he had practiced and asked her to marry him. After she tearfully accepted, their friends came out, Hale in toe, not wearing the pajamas Morgan had sent him to the sitters in. He had thought of everything. After taking photos, a champagne toast, and celebratory drinks at the hotel bar, they had a private dinner just the two of them. It was a perfect night, Morgan asked if he could propose every year. (he said no) Lincoln and Morgan have gone through a lifetime of trials in such a short amount of time, but through it all they have loved, laughed, and gotten through it together as partners and best friends. They are so excited for this next chapter, and feel so blessed to have their friends and family be a part of their story. They can't wait to see everyone on August 19th 2023, 3 years from the day they swiped, to say yes to forever.