Save the Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023 in Huntington Beach, CA
Save the Date: Saturday, October 21, 2023 in Huntington Beach, CA

Lillian & Kevin

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Kevin Nishioka


Lillian Nguyen

Huntington Beach


October 21

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How We Met

Lil’s side: It was 2012 and times were rough for little Lil, as a recent college graduate with no job, no money, and no idea what she was going to do with her life. At the time, Lil was living out of her mom's house in Orange County. She would go to San Francisco from time to time (via Viet bus) in an attempt to land a job and make it big in the city. It was on one fateful night in SF that Lil would get invited by her good friend (and now bridesmaid) Vicki to her first EDM show at a club (RIP Ruby Skye). It was on that same night that Lil's good friend Alan (now groomsman) would suggest that they should stop by his "snarky" friend Kev's place to drink a bit before heading out to the club. It was in Kev’s small SF studio that Lil would notice the decorative choices that reflected his love for bay area sports teams. Lil would also observe his generous ways, as one of the first things that he did when she stepped into his studio apartment was offer up a taste of his homemade chocolate chip cookies. And it was on that night in that dingy, carpeted SF club that Lil wouldn't think twice about Alan's friend Kev. While he was a nice guy who treated her to a couple of alcoholic beverages, he did not make much of an impression on her and Lil did not expect to see him again. But alas, the story would not end there, as the pair ended up becoming facebook friends, started to talk on g-chat, and would hang out occasionally when Lil popped back into the city. And then finally, thanks to a great level of focus and determination, Kev was able to do something that few men in history are able to do in their lifetime: he maneuvered himself out of the friend zone.