Letisha & Alexander

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Alexander Corey


Letisha Cortez

June 16, 2023

Amsterdam, NY
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How We Met

Can't help falling in love

Our love story started eight years ago when we were connected by mutual best friends, the Gradillas family. We were over 2,000 miles apart and in different time zones. Neither of us had the courage to make the first move, until one afternoon Alex slid into Tisha's DMs. His first words were, "Apparently, we're supposed to fall in love. So, hi there!" After months of messaging and long phone calls, we decided to meet in person. We spent a wonderful week in Charleston, SC, in a whirlwind romance that grew into lasting love. The Great Friend-Zone Debate We are happy to report after years of discussion, we have concluded that neither one was friend-zoned. We were both just incredibly awkward! (: