Leo & Tamanh


Leo Santana


Tamanh Le



December 2

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Love Through Music

Fall of 2014

Around Halloween of 2014, Leo was the opening DJ for a local band in Seattle. Little did he know, he caught the attention of a little vampire in the crowd. This little vampire with fangs and a cape was indeed, Tamanh. As Leo was playing all the hiphop hits, Tamanh was impressed by his taste in music and couldn't help but to dance along. Once Leo's DJ set was over, Tamanh noticed him packing up his equipment and asked her friends, Charlotte and Greg, if she should make a move. With some words of encouragement, the little vampire walked over to Leo. Tamanh nervously complimented his DJing skills and tried to make small talk. Before he left, she pulled a lie out of her cape and told him she needed his number for a friend who needed a DJ for their wedding. They tried seeing each other for a few months after, but it wasn't the right time for either of them. In 2017, Leo and Tamanh reconnected and the rest was history.