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October 21, 2023

Washington, DC
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How We Met- Her Perspective

May 26, 2018

Both Lauren and Jay went to college at Virginia Tech and had many mutual friends, but their paths had never crossed during their time in Blacksburg. Lauren had just graduated from Veterinary School in the Spring of 2018 and moved back to Northern Virginia to start her new job in Alexandria. Memorial Day weekend was coming up and the summer was getting ready to begin! One of Lauren’s best friends, Laura Boster, invited her to attend a Memorial Day pool party at a house in McLean, VA known as the Bent Twig mansion. Laura’s boyfriend (now husband!), Chase, lived there with 6 other guys— one of the guys being Jay! Lauren happily accepted the invitation to the party and had hoped to reconnect with one of the other roommates she had met a few months prior. Lauren picked out her favorite new swimsuit in her signature color- hot pink, and got all fixed up to go to the party. She pulled up to the unique looking house (full of fung shway as Jay would say) where Laura greeted her and they walked into the party together. Lauren meet the group and was immediately drawn to Jay— it turned out that the original roommate Lauren thought she was going to see ended up going out of town that weekend. The group had a fun day full of pool basketball, going down the waterslide, and other games, but Lauren had not wanted to get into the pool to maintain her curled hair. Lauren and Jay, talked and got to know each other throughout the day. When an afternoon rain rolled in, the group shifted to games and hanging out inside. It was over a game of flip cup that Lauren winked at Jay from across the table and he knew it was game over from there! The rain slowed to a light drizzle and Jay and Lauren went outside to talk a little more. It was then when Jay started to tease Lauren about coming to a pool party and not getting into the pool, and then proceeded to surprise Lauren by sweeping her off of her feet and jumping into the pool with her! They both laughed and proceeded to share their first kiss in the pool as the rain started to pick up slowly. After a couple of more weeks of getting to know each other, a second pool party, and Jay helping Lauren move into her Arlington house (the day after their first official date), the two quickly became inseparable and the rest was history! Jay proceeded to ask Lauren to be his girlfriend on July 15th, the day after they attended a Thomas Rhett concert together.

How We Met- His Perspective

Although Lauren and I both went to VT, we didn’t meet or know each other while at school. I had heard of her as she was good friends with one of our fraternity’s sweethearts, Laura, but it wasn’t until 2018 when we would ultimately meet. Leading up to Memorial Day Weekend 2018, one of my roommates, Chase, was dating Laura at the time. Chase said he wanted to have a handful of people over to our house to have a pool party for the holiday weekend. In our roommate group text he said Lauren Doss was coming, and I had known that another of my roommates recently met her at a bar and was interested - my natural response to this was to reply with “dibs” in our group text. It turned out that roommate was going to be out of town for Memorial Day weekend and that “dibs” would translate into a lifetime. Lauren came over with Laura and we hit it off. She avoided the pool all day because she had done her hair and the weather was crappy, but I couldn’t let her entirely escape it. I picked her up and jumped into the pool with her. It wasn’t quite sealed yet though as I was preparing to move to Richmond (2 hours from DC) in a couple weeks for work, and Lauren had just moved to the DC area after graduating vet school. Lauren ended up coming over again a couple weeks later for another pool party and we again had a blast together. After that time, we continued talking and we spent a lot of time together the next few weeks. The move to Richmond didn’t matter all that much as I moved back the following year (and probably spent 40+ of the 52 weekends back in Arlington over the course of that year!). As they say…. The rest is history… or wait one more detail - our relationship was almost over just as quickly as it started. About 3 hours after we started officially dating, Lauren found out I’m a University of Miami football fan (a bitter rival of Virginia Tech). She tried to break up with me, but ultimately my good looks and cheesy humor prevailed - just kidding, but she thought twice. Then the rest was history…

The Proposal

Smith Mountain Lake- May 28, 2022

May 28, 2022