Please kindly note the 5.25.24 save the date is for The Happily Ever After The Wedding Celebration only.
Please kindly note the 5.25.24 save the date is for The Happily Ever After The Wedding Celebration only.

Vivian & Laura

    Better Together ♥️
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Better Together 🤍


Vivian Ortega


Laura Argomaniz


April 26, 2024

Kauai, HI
142 days142 d15 hours15 h5 minutes5 min

Us ♥️


Officially Est. 2016

The story of us… It was a Sunday afternoon; one of our closest friends had invited us both to a local bar. It was love at first sight…for Viv 🥰. Fortunately for me and in Gods plan later on with time, I would end up falling in love with the love of my life and my soul mate. June 29, 2014, I remember walking into the bar, to the right side behind the bar counter and meeting Viv for the first time. I’ll never forget the first conversation we had, it was pretty interesting to say the least. We had a great time listening to music, talking and laughing all through the night. At one point later that evening we decided to take selfies together which is how we exchanged numbers. Later come to find out Viv planned that slick move and the rest is history. This was the start to our 2 year roller coaster friendship which then developed into our now perfectly imperfect relationship. In my eyes we share the sweetest love story and of course we’ve experienced our ups and downs, but with love we’ve managed to hold on tight and maneuver our way through it all. Fortunately, it has led us to share the best years our lives together and now many more to come. Besides knowing Gods pure and unwavering love, Viv has shown me a love like no other and I would hope she feels I’ve shown her the same in return. She is what real and true love is for me. It’s kind of scary how we have so many different things in common but throughout our soon to be 8 years together, we have grown and will continue to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. A few weeks before my beloved grandmother passed, it was on Christmas 2020 to be exact; she told Viv (“cuida a mi Lalita”) to take care of me and I will hold that very dearly in my heart forever. With our faith, love and commitment; I have no doubt this is our together forever and we are most definitely better together. ♥️

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