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Aaron Kopczynski


Sarah Davis


May 17, 2024

Wharton, TX
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Our Story: Kismet

Falling in love miles apart...that is how our story starts.

Her side: This one time at band camp...a younger guy was staring at me like a dork. That younger guy was Aaron. About a year later, we found ourselves in front of the Disney Tower of Terror, and he actually used a one-handed clap as a pick up line. Remember, this ends in success, so bear with us. It was another two years later and I had just finished up my first year in undergrad when Aaron - a lot smoother than before - approached me after our high school's band performance. And that's where it really began. We were "catching up" for quite awhile and then Aaron was leaving for Penn State. We decided a goodbye was best for the both of us. But that didn't last long; remember when I said Aaron had gotten smoother? No, he hadn't. Approximately a week into Penn State he broke his foot and soothed the pain by reaching out to me... we've never stopped talking since. I was already in love with him at that point, but we were young and getting to know each other still. It was a few more months before we began dating and I guess the rest is history. Being young and working through long distance came with its fair share of trials, but Aaron is the most kind, considerate, forgiving, and loving man. Continuing to fall in love with him, even at a distance, was quite easy. So now we're here, getting married, and the Lord couldn't have blessed me more. His side: I had the perfect plan to "snag" the perfect girl. I had been carefully studying her mannerisms for weeks on end planning my moment to strike. She didn't even notice once that I was looking her way. A few years later and I was taking her to the movies on our first date. It could not have gone better. After watching the cinematic masterpiece that is "Interstellar", I decided to geek out on the astrophysics behind the movie while walking her back to her truck in the parking lot. She may or may not have said it was the "worst movie" she's ever seen and that she "hated every minute" of it. But I'd like to think it was the time we spent together that she will cherish forever...I know I will. Side note for the fellas: do NOT underestimate the romantic power of the one-handed clap. Although it sounds prosaic, I guarantee you will see results. A few years later, I managed to surreptitiously approach the same girl after a spring symphonic concert. This led to a myriad of intricate conversations and groundbreaking thought patterns, such as kangaroos not being able to jump backwards. One of the most anxiety-ridden days of my life was mustering the courage to tell this magnificent woman that I was falling for her. Head over heels, days before college, and I wanted nothing more than to lay my heart on the line. After a few years of long distance and some periods of substantial growth, I can now say that this story is far from complete, because of the love we have developed for each other. She has pushed me to become the faithful, strong, and resilient man that she deserves and has shown me nothing short of the utmost respect and love. God has shown me the rest of my life in this marvelous woman, and I am elated in sharing this moment with all of the people that I love. Alright, now that I've made myself cry, I will end on this note: Interstellar is the best sci-fi movie ever made. This is us. (P.S. Interstellar was truly terrible (-Sarah). My advice: be honest. It'll lead you to the best love.)

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