Kendall & Jack


Kendall Brewer


Jack Kelley

May 11, 2024

Pacific, MO

How We Met

The story from Kendall's perspective

We were set up by the wife of one of Jack's closest friend's, Reagan, who is my hair stylist. After many years going to the same salon, she and I would always catch up on life. Of course, one of the topics that typically came up was dating. And that was where she had the idea Jack and I needed to meet. Our first date was in Downtown Kirkwood, first at Kaldi's Coffee and then to Mission Taco. However, Jack and I both agree that we can't boil down the story of how we met to one instance. Rather, we think of all the conversations and interactions that came in the months to follow. It was those moments that eventually brought us together as best friends. Going forward, I will always tell people it was undoubtedly the best sixty dollars I've spent on a haircut. Special shout out to the Stylist Salon as the place that made it all happen!

With Gratitude

If you are visiting our wedding website, thank you for celebrating in our joy. We are blessed by each of you as family & friends.

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