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October 7, 2023

Knoxville, TN

How we met


It was a crisp October night in East Tennessee after a UT home game win. Steve serendipitously found an open seat at the bar amidst a lively Jig and Reel... right next to the Knoxville ambassador ;) A few days later Steve went back to his home state of Washington and after almost 2 years long-distance I followed him home.

The Engagement


In typical Steve and Katie fashion we decided to plan a last-minute trip before Steve started a new job. The journey began in Spain where I took Steve to a very special place to me. We hiked to hidden coves, swam in azure blue waters, and ate seafood amidst the white-washed fishing villages off the Mediterranean coast. A few days later we road tripped north to reach the colorful French Riviera. After an evening dining in a hilltop village above of Saint Tropez, we stumbled on the perfect spot to watch the sunset (a Katie fav) and Steve proposed. Finally! In the days following we gleefully hopped through villages in France, eventually making it back over the border to San Sebastian. We spent the remaining days of our trip celebrating with Pintxos and Spanish Wine in Basque Country. Of all our adventures together, this one is my favorite.

The Present


At almost 4 years from the beginning, Steve and I decided to relocate our lives from Washington back to Knoxville. In an effort to replicate our beginning, and out of excitement to begin the next chapter of our lives, we made the decision to plan our wedding in just 65 short days in the place we now call home, during the month we met. This untraditional haste will come to no surprise to those who know us best (you). We are thrilled to host you in a place so special to our story.

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