Kate & Lerang

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Lerang Gaositwe


Kate Sorenson



August 26

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How We Met


5 years ago we met in a friend's dorm room when I traveled to Decorah for Nordic Fest. I interrupted all of his study sessions for the rest of the semester and I am still bothering him to this day - I guess he doesn't mind too much :)

How it's Going

First comes school, then comes marriage.

After graduating from Luther College, we moved to Minneapolis and we are now living in Richfield with our cute but needy cat Panther. I am teaching K-3 music in Golden Vally, MN and loving it. Teddy got his CPA after school just took a new accounting job! We love binge watching shows and finding new breweries to try out. You will probably find us eating popcorn on the couch or going to our fav ice cream place Sweet Science. We got married in a private ceremony in October and want to have a party to celebrate with our family and friends! Thank you for joining us, we are excited to celebrate with you!