Walter & Kamila


Walter Clapp


Kamila Kudelska

December 29, 2023

Red Lodge, MT

How We Met

Walter met Kamila's brother Konrad first. Walter graduated from law school and Konrad and Walter were going on a business road trip from Washington D.C to Montana. Kamila had just come back from Poland and was about to start grad school. She felt a road trip to a state she'd never been to was a good idea. So she did. Walter and Kamila didn't really talk the entire road trip but when they got to Montana..they went out on a hike together to Sioux Charley and they started talking...getting to know each other. One night, Konrad, Walter and Kamila were hanging out by the campfire in Nye. The power was out but Kamila went into the kitchen to grab a drink. Walter followed and they kissed in front of the fridge. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Wedding

Most of you know that we are already Narried (nearly married). So what does this wedding mean? We are still legally Narried and annually reviewing and renewing our contracts, and we felt that we would like to profess our intention to be spiritually united forever. We would love our loved ones to witness and celebrate with us.