Johannah & Mack






May 18, 2024

Somerset, WI
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Where it all started

Mack and Johannah first met at the University of St. Thomas in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s night class in 2016. They had no idea that in just 4 years, they’d be going on their last first date together! It all started in March 2020, the week the world closed. Mack asked Johannah to go for a walk at Boom Island Park which led to a string of outside dates; rollerblading, hiking, hammocking, picnics, and more. It was months before they could have their first 'restaurant' date together... where might you ask? General Sam’s (La Pointe) in Somerset Wisconsin right on the Apple River! Mack and Johannah fell fast in love and have never looked back. We are so excited to celebrate with our loved ones at the very place we fell in love.

The Proposal (as told by Mack)


"I was completely surprised!" Hearing that from Johannah after we got engaged made me very happy... however, I have no idea how she didn't see it coming. Here's why. For a week leading up to that day, I had told Johannah that we were meeting my parents for brunch in Stillwater. We started out Saturday with me waking up earlier than usual with nerves on my mind and a much-needed coffee run. Johannah spent most of the morning getting ready and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't rush her even once. Then, we headed down to the car to go to Stillwater. Before we made it to the first floor, Johannah looked at me and told me "Your shirt is inside out" in a complete panic I tried to shrug it off, but she insisted I turn it right side out before leaving. If only she knew I had the ring in my front pocket, I think she would have understood my predicament. We made it down to Stillwater after what she described as an unusually silent car ride. Upon arriving she noticed we had about 30 minutes before we were supposed to "meet my parents" and thought it was the perfect opportunity to go antique shopping. Once again, I had to try and play it cool while redirecting Johannah to the perfect spot on the bridge. About halfway down the bridge, I noticed Annie (our trusty photographer) was in place! I knew it was time! After pulling Johannah to the side, I asked if she knew how much I loved her. And then I completely blacked out. Before we knew it, we were both tearing up and even got a standing ovation from bikers passing by. Everything about that day was perfect. The nerves, the excitement, the mis ques. It was all perfect because she said "YES!".

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