Watercolor Highlight

Lindsey Ferris


Joey Raniolo

August 26, 2023

Poughkeepsie, NY
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Our textbook love story

Joey and Lindsey met in August of 2018, two days before Joey would start his new job at Lindsey's school in Westchester, NY. Both Joey and Lindsey had an instant attraction to one another but knew that a work relationship was not ideal. As the school year went on, Joey and Lindsey were good friends often seen eating lunch together or teaching classes. All the students were invested in this friendship often making speculations that they liked one another. After a few months of working together, the two decided to finally hang out outside of work. Friends who were there that night, know the rest is history; Joey and Lindsey have been inseparable ever since. The relationship quickly evolved but only family and close friends knew about this new relationship until they were no longer working together. Joey proposed at a park during a beautiful sunset on 8.28.22. Now, almost a year to the day of their engagement, Joey and Lindsey will officially tie the knot. The couple is teaching at different schools and planning for their special day. They enjoy being outdoors and active, trying new restaurants, enjoying the backyard pizza oven, seeing new places, attending sporting events and watching their favorite shows. They are so excited to share their special day with everyone they love.