Jessica & Scott








June 9, 2023

Lac du Flambeau, WI


Welcome to our website! We've created this wedding website as a hub for all of our wedding information. Find the answers to any questions you have about our big day, and check out our engagement photos and relationship story while you're here. We can't wait to see you on June 9th!

How We Met

Scott and Jessica met in their first class of their first semester at college. They shared an immediate attraction that was communicated through shared glances from opposite corners of the classroom. Over the next couple of classes Scott incrementally maneuvered his seating to be nearer to Jessica, completely disregarding the unspoken yet fully understood classroom rule which says your seat on the first day is yours for the semester. Faceless classmates be damned, the two would go on to sit next to each other in many classrooms to come. Early on, Jessica, ever the observant student, spied Scott’s last name on a folder and would dabble in investigative facebookalism despite an academic track that included no journalistic credits. Upon the conclusion of her in-depth character profile she courageously sent a friend request. Scott and Jessica would share many a note, trying to make each other laugh and things just continued to grow from there. Eventually, a professor in a later class, having observed the two carrying on asked Jessica if she and Scott were dating. When Jessica responded that so far they were just close friends the professor stated “well he would be lucky to have you as his girlfriend.” When Jessica relayed the story to Scott he paused momentarily and in a stroke of genius asked “…Yeah, why aren’t we dating?” The two have been together ever since

Favorite Memories

Scott and Jessica love traveling and hiking together and have visited Oregon, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Missouri, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania together. They’d love to eventually travel to all 50 states and all of the National Parks. Scott and Jessica’s favorite hike was Little North Santiam Trail in Oregon which was unplanned and recommended by their AirBnb host. Scott and Jessica were the only people on the trail which made it feel like it was theirs. This hike inspired them to go back to Oregon to celebrate their upcoming honeymoon! They enjoy being able to explore new places and cuisines. Scott and Jessica make a point to become intimately acquainted with book stores and coffee shops in every town they vacation to. As much as they love to see the world, the always miss their cats and look forward to coming back and seeing them while binge watching some of their favorite shows.

Our Proposal Story

Scott and Jessica had planned on hosting a formal dinner party to mark the beginning of 2022. Due to seasonal illnesses at the time (boooo), that had to be rescheduled to a few months later. At this dinner party Scott had concocted a scheme wherein guests would give a series of toasts at the end of the dinner. Each would follow around the table and offer words of love and thanks for one another, thus setting the stage with happy hearts and positive affirmations. Scott went first and gave a riveting speech that enthralled everyone with awe inspiring words of appreciation and gratitude. Everyone else raised a glass and shared some kind words that added to the setting. Jessica became suspicious of what was to come and blacked out everyone's kind messages only to hear her own inner dialogue of "Oh shit, oh shit, this is finally happening." Scott could sense Jessica’s raised awareness and didn’t want to play into it, so at the end of the toast, he let a few moments go by and said “Oh, yeah! I forgot!” where he then went to toast Jessica directly, telling her how much he loved and appreciated her and how much she meant to him, filling Jessica’s heart with love. At the end of this, he dropped to one knee and through the backdrop of some poorly timed SoundCloud rappers going off in the background, he asked Jessica to spend the rest of her life with him. She found this proposal to be most agreeable.

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